Sengkang Riverside Park

One of the highlights of the last year for me has been exploring all the beautiful parks around Singapore. Or I should say ‘starting’ to explore ā€“ as I know there are still many to be discovered. I am constantly amazed by how many oases of green can be found amongst the built-up environment. Each has their own unique landscaping and character, and Sengkang Riverside Park is an example of this. On entering the park, we could see the constructed wetland, and some lovely vistas. Further past the wetland, was my favourite feature of this park: the beautifully verdant groves of fruit trees. One exciting part of this walk was spotting a changeable lizard (which we first thought was a chameleon) lounging on a tree branch.

I also took a photo of this art installation, and look back at it every now and again. Commissioned by the National Art Council’s Public Art Trust, this work Anamorphic Vibes, by Adeline Loo and Cheong Yew Mun shows ‘courage’ from one side and ‘anxiety’ from the other. It’s a large work, so you have to walk and regard it from different angles to see the two words emerge. This sculpture helped me remember that, with all the tough emotions of this last year, and all the ups and downs, we are going through it together.

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