Healing Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

I’ve walked through the Singapore Botanic Gardens many times now, and each time, I still find places to explore. One of my new favourite spots in the Gardens is the Healing Garden. I’d passed the signs which pointed in the direction of the Healing Garden many times before I took the time to venture in, and it is definitely worth the visit!

The Healing Garden has the same characteristics I find in many gardens in Singapore: it’s a verdant oasis of calm and beauty. But more than that, these gardens are a living encyclopaedia of more than 400 plants which have been used medicinally in Southeast Asia.

You can walk to the Healing Gardens from Botanic Gardens MRT Exit A, and there are a number of buses which stop outside the Gardens. You can find more information, including the opening hours on the National Parks website. Please note the need for caution, and for supervision of children when visiting, some of the plants are toxic.

A serene space at the heart of the Healing Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens

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