Hi, I’m Bonnie,welcome to my site, WALK AND COOK. 

I’m a musician, mum, and writer with a PhD in music history.  This is a space where you can sit, read, and relax. And maybe take away some new recipe or idea for a walking trip you can do.

So why this blog? You’ll see the title has changed, the Simply Creative Home which I started a few years back has become Walk and Cook. There’s a reason: much of what I want to share these days is related to the walks I take, or food I discover – and sometimes make! The original blog began when I was spending a lot of time at home with the little ones, and while the blog won’t have as many reflections about motherhood as I originally intended, it hasn’t moved far from the original goal – fun outings and food were always part of the plan ☺️ And it has the third purpose now of sharing our adventures in a new country – Singapore – with our friends back home.

It’s time for a revamp and time to write!

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Bonnie 🙂